Open talk with David Hik will be held in Keldnaholt

Opportunities for Iceland-Canada collaboration in Arctic research

Stories from Cambridge Bay

Dr. David Hik, Chief Scientist and Executive Director at POLAR and Adjunct Professor at the Agricultural University of Iceland, will talk about latest research projects, including possibilities for enhancing Iceland-Canada collaboration. Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) is Canada’s polar science agency, operating out of the new Canadian High Arctic Research Station in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. POLAR conducts research focused on changing Arctic ecosystems; One Health approaches to food security and wellbeing; innovation in clean energy and cold-region infrastructure; and by supporting the priorities of northern communities by including Indigenous ways of knowing in research. POLAR also provides funding for external research projects and creates opportunities to increase domestic and international research coordination and collaboration. Throughout all of its core activities, POLAR supports training for the next generation of polar research personnel, with a focus on northern youth.

This seminar is part of the celebration of 75 years of diplomatic relations between Iceland and Canada and is co-sponsored by the Embassy of Canada in Iceland and the Agricultural University of Iceland. Ragnheiður Þórarinsdóttir, rector of the Agricultural University of Iceland and Xavier Rodriguez from the Embassy of Canada will open the seminar.

Link to the Zoom meeting here


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