Opinn fyrirlestur: Using mineral nutrition to suppress plant disease

Þriðjudaginn 22. september flytur Dr. Wade Elmer, plöntusjúkdómafræðingur hjá The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station í Bandaríkjunum, opinn fyrirlestur á vegum Landbúnaðarháskóla Íslands.
Fyrirlesturinn ber heitið Using mineral nutrition to suppress plant disease og hefst kl. 15 á Keldnaholti (Árleyni 22 í Reykjavík). 

Um fyrirlesturinn:

A fundamental strategy for maintaining plant health and suppressing disease is to manage nutrition.  Proper nutrition can often govern the fine line between host susceptibility and resistance.  Both essential and beneficial elements can directly and indirectly affect defense mechanisms in plants.  Direct effects include metabolic pathways that lead to the production of lignin, phenol, phytoalexins, and other defense related compounds.  Although growers pay close attention to N deficiency symptoms, most do not recognize the role that N-form may play in enhancing or suppressing disease.  Many of these pathways utilize enzymes that require Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, and B as cofactors or activators.  Other elements like K and Cl influence osmotic relations, water cycling, and root exudation, which, in turn, influence beneficial microbes.  Indirect mechanisms include effects on nitrification, soil pH, and chemical transformation of micronutrients like Mn.  The role of Si in disease suppression has been deciphered for many crops.  Since many plants vary in their nutritional requirements, each case needs to be understood.  This presentation will attempt to showcase different systems where varying the nutrition of a plant can affect disease.

Um fyrirlesararann:

Dr. Elmer received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1985 and began his career at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in 1987.  He works to develop strategies to suppress root diseases of vegetables and ornamentals using combinations of mineral nutrition, soil amendments (biochar), and earthworms.  Dr. Elmer has also been investigating Sudden Vegetation Dieback in the salt marshes along the North Atlantic Coast of the United States.  Recently he has begun investigating the influence of metal oxide nanoparticles on plant health and root disease.  Understanding the mechanisms of suppression and their contributions to soil and plant health is a long term goal.


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