Náttúrulausnir í borgum - vefnámskeið

Náttúrulausnir í borgum - vefnámskeið

Náttúrulausnir í hringrásaborgum - Opið vefnámskeið

Boðið er uppá vefnámskeið um Náttúrulausnir fyrir hringrásaborgir. Námskeiðið er á vegum CIrcular City verkefnisins sem LBHÍ tekur þátt í ásamt fleiri samstarfsaðilum. Námskeiðið opnar 27. júní 2022 og er þátttakendum að kostnaðarlausu. Hægt er að sækja um hér.

Námskeiðið er á ensku og sjá nánari upplýsingar hér að neðan:

A circular city is a city that uses its resources (food, water, energy, materials, land) several times, in cycles or cascades, turning the city into a productive urban space in order to minimise resource imports and at the same time waste production. A circular city manages to do so, by creating regenerative green urban spaces, sustainable buildings and prospering communities.

This course provides knowledge on how to create such cities by using nature- based solutions. It comprises knowledge on resources flows and management of these flows in cities, appropriate nature- based solutions for managing resources, implementation aspects and number of worked examples to help understanding this complex domain.

The course is self-based, however complementary and voluntary life events will be organised at specific dates, one to introduce the course, one after six weeks to have a joint discussion of the first two modules and one after three months to have a final session which will allow to share ideas and have feedback.

The course is organised in four modules. They will consist of short video presentations, reading and a final quiz at the end of each module. There will also be recommended literature, videos and webpages for the participants to see more details about specific topics of the course.

Upplýsingar um vefnámskeiðið



Module 1: Resources flows and management in cities

This module present the flows of resources (water, nutrients, organic matter, energy, materials, land) in a city and the basic approaches and features of their potential management.

Module 2: Presenting nature-based solutions for a circular urban metabolism

This module deals with terminology and categorisation of NBS. Seven categories of appropriate NBS for solving urban circularity challenges will be presented in detail.

Module 3: Design requirements for NBS

This module will present the basic requirements and design rationale for designing and implementing BS for circular management of resources in cities.

Module 4: Implementation of Nature-Based Solutions

This module will focus on the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS) for circular cities, to solve societal challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and enhance human/ecological well-being to create a greener and more resilient world.


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