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  • Sustainable Recilient Coasts
    The COAST project seeks to establish the NPA region as a demonstration of how to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the coast . COAST will take a new approach to these challenges with a focus on local authorities as a target audience. The project brings together five partners and six associate partners from Iceland, Finland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. It came about in response to the shared challenges faced by our coastal communities, including climate change, loss of biodiversity and cultural heritage, and the sustainable exploitation of natural resources such as fisheries.
  • Future Arctic
    Rannsóknir á áhrifum hlýnunar á graslendur og skóga. 
  • ForHot 
    How much carbon will escape from the (sub)Arctic in future climate? How do the multitude of ecosystem processes, driven by plant growth, microbial activities and soil characteristics, interact to determine (sub)Arctic soil carbon storage capacity? These are the central research questions of FutureArctic.
  • TreProX
    This project aims to create the foundation for an emerging small-scale, forest-based industry in Iceland by learning from experiences of other Scandinavian partners.
  • Skurðkortavefsjá
    Digital Mapping of ditches in Iceland.
  • Safe Climbing 
    Erasmus+ project that aims to increase safety for people that work with chainsaws and climbing in trees as well as produce quality study material for climbing courses.
  • Cerial & Agronomy in Iceland
    Cerial and Agronomy research have been conducted in Iceland for a century. Since 1960 by Research Institute of Iceland and as of 2005 by the Agricultural Unversity of Iceland.
  • Nýting á lífrænum úrgangi Nál  
    Use of organic waste. The environmental and economic factors of utilization of organiz waste.

Knowledge in the field of sustainable use of resources, environment, planning and food production.


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