Two year M.Sc. studies, 120 ECTS.


AUI offers a formal M.Sc. Programme in Planning. The Programme combines planning theory and practice and the study of Icelandic circumstances, aiming for sustainable development and the creation of a liveable environment. The study emphasizes individual work as well as practical case studies where students tackle real problems, thus practising skills for independent work. Graduating students have gained necessary knowledge of planning required for certification by the Icelandic Planners Association.

The Programmme combines planning theory and practice with emphasis on individual work and practical case studies. Thaught at Campus Keldnaholt in Reykjavík.

Program Director Harpa Stefánsdóttir

Admission Requirements


In order to enroll in the Master’s program, an applicant is required to have successfully completed a BS degree from AUI, or to hold an equivalent academic qualification, which the faculty recognizes. Minimal grade is 7.25 to obtain admission. Prerequisites: Students planning to enter the graduate program are expected to have finished at least one undergraduate course in each of the following subjects: economics, environmental studies (ecology and natural sciences), cartography (GIS), statistics, computer aided design and graphic presentation. Students without sufficient background will be counseled to take the undergraduate level prerequisite courses concurrent with their graduate studies.


Knowledge in the field of sustainable use of resources, environment, planning and food production.


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