Land Restoration Training Programme


GRÓ Land Restoration Training Programme under the auspices of UNESCO combating land degradation with sustainable and ecologically sound solutions.

A capacity development programme in the field of land restoration and sustainable land management, working with partner institutions that play a key role in this field in developing countries.


Sjöfn Vilhelmsdóttir Director
Berglind Orradóttir Assistant Professor (On leave til april 2024)
Brita Kristina Berglund Project Manager
Ragnheiður Mattíasdóttir Project Manager 

The training program


GRÓ LTR is a colaboration project between the Minestry of Foreign Affairs in Iceland, The Agricultural University of Iceland and The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland GRÓ LRT offers an intensive six-month postgraduate training programme on ecological restoration and sustainable management of ecosystems, custom-built for professionals in partner countries faced with severe land degradation.

The overall goal of the programme is to train working professionals in developing countries in the methods and theories of sustainable land management and restoration of degraded land, and to strengthen their capacities to advance and implement those activities in their home countries.

As from 2022, the GRÓ LRT six-month training is eligible for ECTS credits. This means that fellows completing the training successfully will, in addition to GRÓ LRT Certificate of Completion, also receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Ecosystem Restoration and Sustainable Land Management (30 ECTS) from the Faculty of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the Agricultural University of Iceland.

The six-month training programme is held annually and generally runs from March to September. The programme is divided into two main parts, also organised as two academic courses, each 15 ECTS.


Knowledge in the field of sustainable use of resources, environment, planning and food production.


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