Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes

MS, 120 einingar


The EnCHiL Nordic Master program has three main entry points. Depending on your interests and approach to study environmental changes at higher latitudes one of the degree-awarding universities will offer their expertise. The specific programme path will be decided in close collaboration with the local academic coordinators at each of the EnCHiL degree-awarding universities.
EnCHiL students starting at different entry points will have different strengths in their approach to understanding changes at high latitudes. The EnChiL programme also includes joint specialized courses, both e-learning during the first semester and on campus in Iceland during the second semester, where teachers from the different partners will be involved.

Programme Director: Alejandro Salazar Villegas

Application deadline(s)

For non-EU/EEA students the application deadline is January 31 to start the programme in the fall of the same year. For students from EU/EEA countries the application deadline is April 15 to start the programme in the fall of the same year. Please note that the programme starts in the fall semester only.

Applications for the year 2022-2023 are now open!


Knowledge in the field of sustainable use of resources, environment, planning and food production.


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