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Want to study in Iceland?

AUI welcomes exchange studies because that gives students the opportunity to expand their horizons, learn new languages, get to know new culture and schoolsystems and then one of the most important things is to make new friends for life in different countries.

Head of Research and International Relations Christian Schultze
International coordinator Eva Hlín Afreðsdóttir
Drop-in hours at Hvanneyri Campus: ​
Mondays 9am-3pm ​
Wednesdays 1-4:30 pm

How to apply


If you are thinking about going abroad to study for one or two semesters there are several options available. If you are thinking about going within Europe, then please look at the list of AUI’s partners universities.  AUI has bilateral agreements with several universities within the ERASMUS+ program and also within the Nordplus program.

AUI's partner universities
NOVA og BOVA skólar taka við nemendum allra deilda LBHI, við aðra skóla eru gerðir Erasmus+ samstarfssamningar með hliðsjón af námsbrautum og námsstigi annars vegar og starfsmannaskipta hins vegar.

Aarhus Universitet Science and Technology NOVA skóli – möguleiki til skiptináms með Nordplus styrk

Norwegian University of Life Sciences NOVA skóli – möguleiki til skiptináms með Erasmus og/eða Nordplus University of Oslo Líffræði og tengdar greinar á PhD stigi Erasmus+samkomulag 2016-2021

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU NOVA skóli – möguleiki til skiptináms með Erasmus og/eða Nordplus

University of Helsinki NOVA skóli – möguleiki til skiptináms með Nordplus styrk University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Sciences NOVA skóli – möguleiki til skiptináms með Nordplus styrk

Estonian University of Life Sciences BOVA skóli - möguleiki til skiptináms með Erasmus og/eða Nordplus

Latvia University of Agriculture BOVA skóli - möguleiki til skiptináms með Erasmus og/eða Nordplus

Aleksandras Stulginskis University BOVA skóli - möguleiki til skiptináms með Erasmus og/eða Nordplus

École nationale supérieure d‘architecture et de paysage de Bordeaux Umhverfisskipulag Erasmus+ samningur 2014-2021

University of Ljubljana Umhverfisskipulag og skipulagsfræði Erasmus+ samningur 2016-2021

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Environmental Sciences - Umhverfisskipulag og umhverfisfræði Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Rescources – Landbúnaður og skógfræði Erasmus+ samningur 2014/16 – 2021

University of Szeged Landbúnaður og skógfræði Erasmus+ samningur 2014-2021 Széchenyi István Egyetem Starfsmannaskipti Erasmus+ samningur 2016-2017

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf Umhverfisskipulag Erasmus+ samningur 2014-2021 Hochschule Anhalt Umhverfis- og vistfræði Erasmus+ samningur 2014-2021 Nürtingen-Geislingen University Umhverfisfræði Erasmus+ samningur 2014-2021

To be qualified to apply for becoming exchange student you must have completed 60 ECTS of study before the exchange starts.  Deadlines for applications differ a bit between universities but the deadline to apply for Erasmus+ og Nordplus grant is March 1st every year.

Students will need to fill out application for grant, learning agreement that is signed by student, program leader and international coordinator and then finally application to host university.

When to apply

For incoming students, the application process starts with applying for nomination from their home university. Nominations are then sent to AUI, and students are guided through the application process.  
Outgoing students apply via application gate is to be found in Ugla. Though it is recommended to drop in at the international office or, send an email to:

Deadlines for application is March 1st for autumn term or full academic year and 15th of September for spring term.

Student Mobility & Exchange


The Icelandic coutryside
To become an exchange student at AUI gives you opportunity to visit unique country and make friends for life.  AUI is located in the rural area of Borgarfjordur surrounded with wetlands, rich animal life and humorous people.

Having the opportunity to study at a small university as AUI gives you the change to become member of a big family where everyone knows everyone in a small community out in the countryside.

The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (NOVA), is a university cooperation aimed at supporting the understanding of major global challenges in a Nordic context. Our main task is to initiate, administer, promote and financially support cooperation between the Nordic universities on PhD and Master’s level education. What can NOVA offer you?


Knowledge in the field of sustainable use of resources, environment, planning and food production.


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